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I'm Moonlight for lighter skin. Four large pans to highlight, contour, bronze and shimmer in a refillable palette. Pigmented, buttery, blends beautifully. No gimmicks, no excess - just maxed out definition. 

  • Use Matte Highlight to brighten the undereyes and set your face. Contour your cheeks, jawlines and nose to add dimension and enhance your face shape. Apply Bronzer for added warmth and healthy radiance. Pop a sheen of Shimmer to complete your look with a flattering glow.
    Excited to try it out?

  • Designed with your complexion in mind. No more wasting on shades you don’t use and get 2.5 times more product!

    Buildable, blendable, highly pigmented. A little goes a really long way! Perfect for daily makeup or the cameras.

    Unrivaled staying power. Formulated to last all day without fading.

    Slides easily into your purse wherever your schedule takes you, with a full-width mirror for maximum visibility on the go.

    Refills available so you’ll only need to replace what you’ve used up. Reduced spending, reduced wastage.

    New to contouring? Exclusive guide included so you can contour like a pro starting from today!

    What's more, it's vegan & cruelty-free. Not tested on animals and never will!

    With Moonlight series for lighter skin, Daylight for medium and Twilight for dark, whatever your skin tone, we got you.

  • Enjoy free U.S. shipping on all orders above $50 & receive at your doorstep within 5 business days.

    Not satisfied? No worries! Return within 30 days for a full refund less shipping.

    Getting a sharper face and smarter value couldn't be simpler. Period.



"I've used other high end contour palettes, and this one stands up to them, in fact, I prefer this one. Super creamy. Not dull or ashy looking on my skin. I love the way it makes my face look!" 



How do I look in Twilight Series?

How do I know which shade I should get for my skin tone?

Don't worry. It can get tricky to find the right shade sometimes, but we've made it easy for you by narrowing it down into three stunning collections. Generally, Moonlight is for light skin and light-to-medium skin; Daylight for medium skin; Twilight for medium to dark skin and deep complexion. If your skin is more likely to burn than tan when exposed to the sun, go for the Moonlight series.If your skin is prone to experience a mild burn that gradually deepens into a tan, the Daylight series would be most suitable. If your skin darkens quickly rather than burn, the Twilight series is the way to go!

Still not sure? Check out the #ShowMeYourGuize section on this page! As a part of our movement, we've launched the #ShowMeYourGuize campaign where the Guize Girls proudly shared their favorite makeup look - that makeup that makes them feel good in without hiding what makes them unique. Each look is categorized based on the series used, let it be Moonlight, Daylightor Twilight, whichever they found best for their skin tone. Just click the variant selector at the top of the page to switch between series and find your best match. Easy! 

Need more help? Find your best shade with our Contour Shade Finder. All just in 5 simple steps.

I've never contoured before. Is it easy to use?

Yes! Go from "zero to hero" with our most-loved contouring guide that's included for every purchase of the Guize contour collection. With step-by-step instructions, pro tips and detailed illustrations for every face shape, our Guize Girls found the booklet very helpful and easy to follow. What's more? Our powder is very easy to blend and can be layered to achieve varying intensity from mild to bold. Even if you go wrong, you can easily correct it with the lighter colors and blend it out right away. Getting a sharper face couldn't be simpler. Period. 

What's better: powder or cream? 

It all comes back to your skin type, makeup preference and the final look that you're trying to achieve. 

Guize Face FX contour powder collection leaves an ultra-smooth matte finish. Its powder properties are highly effective at absorbing excess oil from your skin, making it suitable for oily skinor hot weather. The microfine powder particles gives a smooth, buttery feel on the skin and blends effortlesslyso you can say goodbye to cakey makeupeven if you have dry skin! Whether you are going for a soft everyday makeup, heading for a night-out or getting ready for a glam photoshoot, its ultra pigmentation and unique formulation make it all possible. Start with a small amount and build it up as you go. A little does go along way with this powder! 

Guize Face FX contour cream collection (coming soon) leaves a dewy finish. It gives greater coverage, higher color intensityand stronger facial definition. The creamy texture also helps blend seamlessly into your skin. Intensify the look further by layering the contour and highlighting powder over the top. If your makeup tends to settle into fine lines or you have really dry skin, go with a cream contour.

I have oily skin and it's acne prone. Will this work for me?  

Our lightweight powder formula won't clog your pores. It also has oil-absorbing properties that effectively reduces that grease and shine that builds up throughout the day. The result? Matte, radiant skin with a silky finish and maxed out definition.

How's the staying power?

Our powder is formulated not to quickly fade away but to last all day. If you need makeup that stays on for hours and look as vibrant on camera as it is in real life, you've come to the right place. Many makeup artists and professionals genuinely love how the Guize Face FX contour powder collection has transformed the whole makeup experience for themselves or their clients, not only because of how pigmented it is but also its unrivalled staying power.

Can I use this palette for my eyes too?

Although this is a face palette, it can certainly be used as an eyeshadow and eye contouring palette. You may use the kit just as you would your favorite eyeshadows such as darker colors in the creases and lighter colors on the eyelid and brow bone for a flattering glow. 

What's the palette size and how much product per pan?

Created with your busy lifestyle in mind, the 6.1 x 3.3"  (15.5 x 8.5 cm) palette slides smoothly into your day or night purse so you can contour on-the-go wherever your schedule takes you. 

With total net weight of 1.2 oz (24 gr), each shade contains approximately 0.3 oz (8 gr) worth of product.

How do I order a single color?

Whether you've used up your favorite colors, or simply getting new colors that aren't in your collection yet... or just want to try a color or two first before getting the whole collection, we got you. As a part of our eco-conscious movement, we've made individual colors available for purchase for all our contouring and highlighting powder. Just click here to order a single pan and join the movement. It's that easy!

How does this product give me Smarter Value?

Good question! Designed with a 50% larger surface area and 100% higher packing density, each of our triangular pan offer 2.5x more volume than the typical round pans. Considering 0.3 oz (8 gr) per shade, you're looking at spending $33/oz ($1.25/gr) on each shade compared to other similar products at $61/oz ($2.3/gr)

This means not only will you get 2.5x more product but also 2x more value(or twice as much savings) for the same dollar amount! Combined with the fact that you only need a little amount of powder per application, thanks its ultra pigmentation, it'll take a longer time before you'd have to get a replacement!

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